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“There’s nothing wrong with you. There’s a lot wrong with the world you live in.”
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"He then said that r18 fanart is always a riot/laugh and then he said ‘Chris hates that stuff’. Then he said that he was joking/not saying it in a serious way (so while we know chris isn’t comfortable with r18 fanart, he’s not crying himself to sleep about it either.) " Darren

"Chris and I have…

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"Darren was like Chris hates that and then laughed and said he wasn´t serious"

"He got a book with stuff about Klaine and asked if there is any pornographic stuff in there!! He laughed and said that Chris would laugh about it!!"

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Klaine fan book:

Darren: klaine smut fan art?


Miarren fan art:

Darren:  Who are those handsome people? 

WHO ARE????!!!!?????



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They both think they won the Glee Live competition and I just.. ADORABLE

And Darren asking if there was Klaine fanart smut in the book I just

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I remember when I first started Glee, I got really upset because I worked so hard on putting Kurt together as a character and I remember I was dying for someone to ask me how I created the character of Kurt…

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Anonymous sent: I am just confused because I don't how where all this excitement is coming from haha


But honestly, it takes little to make me happy. Chris? Darren? Talking about each other? Names in the same sentence? I’m there. 

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